What does the FSR?

The Fachschaftsrat Hydrowissenschaften currently consists of 25 elected members and additional volunteers. It is newly elected annually by all students of the field of Hydro Sciences and is committed to their interests. According to the Saxon Freedom of the University Act, it acts as an organ of student self-government de jure.

But what does it exactly mean? What do we do?

During the lecture period, we meet every week on Tuesdays for our meetings, for upcoming assignments, events, course-specific questions, applications, etc. to edit and discuss. The sessions do not take place behind closed doors. So if you are interested in our work or even have a little desire to participate, you are welcome.

We plan regular and irregular events to connect the students of our field and maybe our faculty. At the top of our list are the freshman events. They serve the purpose of networking our Erstis from the beginning and thus to facilitate their entry into the study. A nice side effect: as a student council, we appear as direct contact persons regarding student affairs and may remain a little bit in the back of our minds. That is very important to us. Because we were chosen to do exactly this job. For this purpose, we have set ourselves the goal of being more public effective, e.g. through regular newsletters (of course not too much, because we do not want to end up as spam in your e-mail inbox) and information events.

Other responsibilities of the Student Council include posting to the boards of the study administration. What are there for committees and why, we have put together here.

What questions you may ask?

Everything that you care about studying in our field of study. There are no stupid questions. Do not forget: we are all students ourselves, scattered across all semesters and degree programs in the field of Hydro Sciences. Therefore, we can put ourselves very well into your problems and concerns and try to help you with words and deeds. That we do not always have the ultimate answer for all questions is probably obvious. Nevertheless, we will try to assist you with tips in such cases.

Especially when it comes to matters that affect the Examination Board (be it bachelor thesis, master thesis extensions, exmatriculation matters, etc.), we kindly ask you to let us know. It is best to talk to us in advance before you contact them. Part of it is enough to put us in the CC of e-mail traffic between you and the Examination Board, so that we get more transparency. Because we send student representatives to the examination board and also have a say. But if we are not aware of the Committee's negative decisions, we can not stand up for you.

How can we support you?

It is possible to have a small share of the costs for privately organized, subject-related excursions promoted by the Student Council. To this end, a request must be submitted to us in advance (including justification and cost statement), during the excursion to obtain a certificate of participation (for example, confirm the participation by a lecturer) and to ask the decision on the application to the Student Council.

And one more thing: If you carefully rummage through our homepage, you may become aware of our collection of exams We do not want to write much about that, but it should make your exam preparation easier. You can ask for access to this, but it is very important that this is not placed in public networks, or gets to lecturers / professors. Please make sure that we all continue to benefit from this collection.